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Google Finally Acquires

Posted on the 01 January 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

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Google finally acquired a domain name you thought it would have gotten well before its run on buying  Alphabet domains,

As we have been reporting Google since launching as the website for its holding company Alphabet, Inc has been acquiring all letter of the Alphabet they could get and now owns 20 of the possible 26 (actually 25 domains since is reserved by IANA/ICANN).

As we known is owned by BMW which still has shown no indication it is willing to sell the domain. arguable should have been one of the first domain names Google acquired (even before the announcement) as it matches the name of its company.

The domain was first registered on of January 27, 2013 by a Jon Shuruk of La Mesa, California.

The domain may have expired on January 27, 2015 as shortly there after New Ventures Services was showing as the owner of the domain a short time before it went into privacy at Godaddy where it remained until December 30th when the domain moved over to Google under the brand protection company and domain registrar

Jamie covered New Ventures Services on his own blog at back in August 2014

New Ventures Services website is located here.

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