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Google Backs Off On Closed Generic Strings Including .Search So Does L’Oréal

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

It looks like Google has given up operating new gTLD generic stings as a close registry,  even for  .Search which at one point it wanted to operate as a Dotless Domain.
According to an ICANN announcement tonight Google d/b/a Charleston Road Registry has backed off the close generic string application for:


L’Oréal which applied for generics like .Beauty, .Skin; .Hair; .Salon; and .Makeup which they applied for as a closed generic agreed to open the strings up.

Amazon also backed off the closed generic strings but are still seeking to operate many of the strings as “exclusive access generic strings” which will have to get the OK from ICANN.

Of the 186 applications of generic strings that originally applied to operate them as closed strings:

Applicants of 10 applications indicated that the applied-for TLDs will be operated as exclusive access registries.

Applicants of 35 applications indicated that their applications currently state that the applied-for TLDs will be operated as exclusive access registries, but the applicants will not operate them as exclusive access registries.

Applicants of 138 applications indicated that they do not intend to operate the applied-for TLDs as exclusive access registries and that their applications are currently consistent with this intent.

Based on this Resolution, applicants of the 138 applications mentioned above will be invited to the Contracting process by priority number, once eligible.

Amazon has answered “no” to the question “Will the TLD be operated as an exclusive access registry?”

For this question An exclusive access registry is defined as a registry restricted to a single person or entity and/or that person’s or entity’s Affiliates

Applicants of the 35 applications mentioned above will be asked to submit a change request to align their applications and intent.

Once an application change request has been approved by ICANN and the application becomes eligible, these applicants will be invited to the Contracting process in order of priority number.

For the remaining applications (10 indicating intent to operate as an exclusive access “generic” and 3 wherein the applicant did not provide a response), ICANN will perform an analysis to determine whether the Advice is implementable, then provide the NGPC with this analysis and if applicable, a proposal for how to implement the GAC Category 2 Safeguard Advice per the NGPC’s request in the Resolution.

Here are the applicants that still want to operate their strings and as a closed registry:


Applicant: KBE gTLD Holding Inc


Applicant KBE gTLD Holding Inc


Applicant IG Group Holdings PLC


Applicant The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


Applicant Viking River Cruises (Bermuda) Ltd.…

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