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Google Apps Will No Longer Free Version

Posted on the 17 March 2013 by Aryanbd1 @thearyanbd

Google has announced that from today will no longer register new Google Apps services (Gmail, Drive ... with your own domain) for free. Instead, the user can create a personal account or a Google Apps business for $ 50 USD / person / year.
Google Apps will no longer free version
Bad news for those who love Google or blogger that Google has announced that they will stop providing services free version of Google Apps Standard Edition to all new registered users.
Born in the year 2006, Google Apps is the first service to allow users to create a Gmail mailbox on the first free domain name that does not require any particular a condition such as hosting. This service also integrates Google Docs, Calendar, Talk to the domain name that helps organizations easily manage and group work effectively. Google Apps clear advantages for many other free services with high quality, good security. This service is always a top priority of the organization to be able to save a small cost is not small. This is also the first choice of every blogger when you want to create the mailbox of their domain name.

Following the success, Google Apps Premier Edition package continue to introduce to the business object with a commitment to stability up to 99.9% and their success has come to be over 5 million customers pay. Along with that Google has begun offering limited free version limits users to a domain name from 100 to 50 and now 10.Recently, a blog post, Google said it would no longer maintain the free version, users can now register for free that will be introduced to the latest version of Google Apps for Business to business objects have to pay charge. However, Google also announced that the free Google Apps account registered previously not affected by the new regulations and still use the normal version of Google Apps for Education for education still register for free charge.As Google explains that individuals, organizations and small business using this free package but the actual free package will not meet all the needs when expanding business scale requires more Advanced features such as customer support 24/7 or requires larger mailbox capacity, or individual users to wait a long time to be added in the package for businesses ready to meet the requirements above. That is the reason why Google Apps will no longer free package.But that reason is not very convincing when not everyone requires the need for customer service or additional features, they simply want to use Gmail as their domain name that only. So why do they have to spend to take $ 50/nguoi user / year for things they do not need?Clearly, Google wants the user and the client have to pay their fees. With more than 5 million customers now Google does not need to use the free package to attract more new users, they considered free package is the burden and make the situation more complex.Google also reminded everyone that they still maintain services for a free account previously registered and Google Apps for Education continues to be provided free of charge. Google also continues to provide Google Apps for Governmentcho services subject to government $ 50 / user / year.This was not happy news for all of us, can Google this action will push a large number of users switch to using services like Microsoft's Windows Live Admin Center when they're not stuck limit the number of users on a domain.

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