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Google Apple iOS Applications Better

Posted on the 18 March 2013 by Aryanbd1 @thearyanbd
Google Apple iOS applications better
Google recently released or re-released a series of applications on Apple devices fans. It is also hiring more programmers of Apple, in an effort to entice Apple users to switch to Android.
Google recently announced hiring a iOS development team with a video. Video highlights the importance of Google with the iOS platform after application Google Maps and Youtube removed from the list of default applications on iOS 6. Google was a little shocked when Apple remove them from the list of pre-installed on the device vendor. Google to avoid giving the words suggest to the 'war' between the two companies. However, Google is not only recovered from the rejection of Apple, but also its more prominent position with other developers working on Apple's platform.
Google does not compete by making better applications on the Android platform to attract users. Which companies make the core application in the opponent's equipment. By the superiority of Apple applications such as Mail, Maps, Safari, Camera and Siri, Google applications has become a key "thrust deep into the enemy." Specifically, the company began to build a community of loyal iPhone and iPad users.
In the past three months, the rapid success of Google, including: voice search app on iOS, redesigned Gmail app 2.0, Youtube for iPad, Google Maps for iOS with over 10 million downloads in just 48 now, finally YouTube screen capture application called Capture.
Some applications such as Chrome and Youtube for iPhone. According to The Next Web, the language used by Google is very good design. It is clear that the language design of mobile Google was really good to see.
No coincidence that the company achieved such success. After a long time "swimming" in the foundation of Apple, Google developers were subtle enough to equal and pass the Apple-designed applications.
People are increasingly paying attention to the innovation of Google, by the same time, Apple's design began to have problems. On the design of Apple's new application has recently been strongly criticized. Users complained about the texture (background) flashy, weak features, design details confusing. Not only Apple Maps, applications such as Podcasts, Siri, Calendar, Game Center, ... are facing a lot of criticism.
In 2013, Apple will have to go up in many ways: The operator should improve the company's image in the eyes of investors, revolutionary products to keep the user or machine continues to dominate the market tablet.
And when the total force attack Google iOS, Apple may have to restructure internally to be able to launch the application base. The purpose of this application is to increase the strength of its core user experience, defense and demonstrate the power of Apple's design.

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