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Google Adwords: Exact Match Keywords No Longer Exact Match

Posted on the 20 March 2017 by Worldwide @thedomains

WordStream published an article today about some changes to Google Adwords.

Google is changing how exact match keywords work. Before they would only serve an ad when a user’s search exactly matched the keyword. WordStream pointed out, “Now, exact match keywords can show when search queries share the same words of that keyword, but in different order. For instance, the exact match keyword [men’s dress shirt] is now eligible to show to the exact search term men’s dress shirt and to the not-exact search term dress shirt men’s.”

Google pointed out:

Function words are the only words that will be ignored. This should only happen when it won’t change the meaning of your keyword. For example, the “in” in “hotels in new york” can be safely ignored because it doesn’t affect the meaning. However, the “to” in “flights to new york” would not be ignored, because a “flight from new york” is not the same as a “flight to new york.”

Google Adwords: Exact Match Keywords No Longer Exact Match
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