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Goodreads Reminded Me That I'm a Terrible Blogger!

By Bookaholic @BookReflections
Goodreads Reminded Me That I'm a Terrible Blogger!
Oh Goodreads.  Thank you for your email reminding me that I haven't come anywhere near my reading goal.  I appreciate the reminder that I cannot write reviews if I am not reading books.  I get that.  I also get that reading makes me happy and I want to be happy.  I get that I have no excuse not read.  Reading = Life.  I should stop playing addictive mindless phone games and do something more fulfilling.  I should stop making excuses about my lack of participation.  And I will.
BUT I really do have  good reason.
On April 30 (four days after my last post), I gave birth to a precious baby boy!!!  And my life is nothing like I remember it.  In fact, I'm so sleep deprived that my life before baby seems like a dream that I made up in my head.  I even dreamed that I had a book blog that I used to spend hours and hours on.  Sometimes my dreams include books and audiobooks.  I'm not quite sure about that last part because when I wake up, I slowly start to forget the dream.
Oh well.  Miss you guys (and reading)!
I've got a few posts up my sleeve (code for: I really want to show off pictures of my adorable baby) and I need some new book recommendations.  Not that I read.  But I hope to one day!!

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