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Good Will in Action” and Shades of the Past

By Luphil

Yesterday around noon time we went with Dona and Aurora to see the locality of Buena Voluntad en Acción (Good Will in Action), an NGO inspired by the impulse of the World Teacher Trust. It was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to service of the needy (You can read more about its work on their website (Spanish) or (English) in the Annual Report 2011 of WTT-Global). They are doing a fantastic work which reaches over 1000 persons in need. Since 4 years Aurora is the president of the organisation.

Standing in front of the closed location in Calle Roser 99, we could not open the door because the lock had been changed a short while ago and the new key didn’t work – another person had to come with still another key. In the meanwhile Aurora told us the story of how the organisation came into being – inspired by a conference on service of Sri Kumar in Argentina – and how there had been a lot of work and intense crises of group cooperation until a smooth functioning had been set up. We peeped through the windows and saw a bit of the entrance.

Good Will in Action” and Shades of the Past

Good Will in Action” and Shades of the Past

The sign of Buena Voluntad in Acción

Aurora showed us the rooms and explained the many activities going on there: Case intake and clarifications done by a professional social worker employed by the NGO, food distribution, job-integration programs, emergency counseling, children programs – there are about 40 volunteers and 3 professionals working with a tremendous commitment, and formation and integration of volunteers is quite a task. They now receive quite a lot of support from official institutions, because their work is more effective than the one of the institutions and it is being recognised by the Mayor of the city; they even received a number of awards, lately over 55’000 Euro, which they use entirely for the help of the needy. They organize concerts with famous artists and again all the intake is given to the work. Nevertheless, Aurora told us that the work is more for them, the volunteers, than for those who receive help, they receive so much, and she strongly feels the presence of the energy of the spiritual helpers behind the scene.

Good Will in Action” and Shades of the Past

Aurora explaining the work done at Buena Voluntad En Acción

We were deeply impressed by the efficiency and efficacy all this work is being organised by a group of deeply devoted people, the major part of them not being members of the WTT. Lately a high school inquired about their work and now the students are planning a number of  activities to support the work. They were so much enthused when they saw what was going on there. In the first years the help had mainly been addressed to immigrants, but with the economic crisis in Spain more and more Spanish people come to receive help, with changed needs which have to be coped.

We afterwards drove to the house of Clemente and Maria Antonia in the countryside, where some other old group members had assembled. Clemente is a gardener and both are linked to the WTT since many years. We had lunch together and talked a bit. Maria Antonia then showed us their garden and the house, which is one of the oldest in the surroundings and dates from the times when the Moors were living there.

Good Will in Action” and Shades of the Past

An old olive tree in front of the window

When my wife and I had a nap in the bed room of the couple we felt the presence of some deceased souls and my wife went to call Maria Antonia. She explained that she also sometimes feels it and that there are regularly coming some noises from out of an old wardrobe. My wife and I conducted a little ritual to address the souls, and it was a bit difficult, because part of them seemed to be there since long times and dozing in a sleep-like state. And there were other astral elements around. After the ritual it seemed that the ambiance felt lighter.

We then joined the others for a short evening meditation in the yard before we drove back to Matadepera for some other talks - about beliefs and how to overcome them – till late in the night.

Good Will in Action” and Shades of the Past

An improvised altar in the yard

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