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Good Resources on the Electoral College and How It Distorts the Vote.

Posted on the 22 September 2017 by Doggone
The first one is this report from the Pew Charitable trust on how the Electoral College distorts the vote.
The second is this map at which demonstrates that Green voters did not sway the election.  Yes, I could have wasted my vote on Clinton adding to her popular vote victory, but it would have done fuck all in the long run other than piss me off.
The lesson of Bernie Sanders was the US system of elections is anything but free and fair, which means the US is neither a democracy or a republic.
FairVote has a really good section on the Electoral College and how it does none of the things it is claimed to do.  It doesn't give the smaller states any equality and it doesn't create a national president. In fact, the 2016 campaign was pretty much in 4 states!
Good resources on the electoral college and how it distorts the vote.
And let's not forget that the Electoral College was to prevent incompetents from being president as well as foreign powers somehow influencing the election.
Seriously, the Electoral College needs to go along with a lot of other electoral reforms before you can say this is a republic or a democracy.

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