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Good Luck Will

By Morander @notreadbooks
Will & Kate - Just some new parents

Will & Kate – Just some new parents

At the time of writing, there’s at least one couple in a hospital ward. Surrounded by experts and in perfectly safe hands, they will be in a situation that is impossible to prepare for.

Kate will be in pain. She may or may not be managing the pain herself but regardless she will physically be enduring something she’s never felt before. Will will be holding her hand, or rubbing her back or feeding her ice cubes. He’ll be trying to say encouraging things or maybe just breathing with his wife through each contraction.  Emotionally he’ll be switching between awe, fear and boredom and physically, by this stage, probably be feeling pretty hungry (he’ll know to pack sandwiches next time).

By the time you read this they will (hopefully) be staring at a bundle of nerves, shallow breaths and potential. If the birth goes to plan there will be a moment when something very blue is lifted into the air and William will whisper under his breath “breathe little one, breathe, please breathe”. Then (more than likely) there will be a breath, then blue will turn pink and the breaths may turn into crying.

And two loving parents will also cry. And fall in love again with someone else.

Will. The next few weeks are going to be bonkers. I know lots of people think you will have it easy but I’ve got a feeling you’re a hands on sort of guy which means you’re going to want to involved. Which means being awake. A lot. Hang in there mate, it does get easy and if your Nan (or someone she arranges) wants to drop over dinner and maybe watch the baby while you and Kate shower, or sleep – I recommend you take her up on it.

If you’ve got some leave saved up, maybe think about taking it about the six week mark. Your brand new sleepy offspring will come out of its shell about six weeks from now and that’s when Katie will need you most. Get something that lets you wear the baby and find yourself some nice night walks around London. I find it helps if you pat their bum in time to a song you can hum quietly as you walk.

Take lots of photos. They change quickly. Also, make sure to send your parents and grandparents photos often. I’d also make sure your Nan can use email or even better, get photos on her iphone.

Come the 2 month mark, I’m pretty sure our experiences will start to differ. You have far more people trying to photograph you than I have had recently but, at least for the first two months I’m sure you’ll be just like most other Dad’s and parents out there. Out of your depth, flat out exhausted and very much in Love.

Congratulations Prince William and good luck.

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Good luck Will

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