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Good Garden Playhouse Ideas

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Playhouse ideas - Have not want or are unable to have a playhouse in garden so is a good alternative a tent that can be packed up after play. Once posted, so it is like summer - except when convicted cloudburst. tent is furnished with a couple of sun beds, plenty of blankets, pillows and toys. This means that family wants to be at tent all day - and then helped all along evening to carry all gear zoom back in. When sun beats down, or there is drizzle, tent is ideal place to go to socialize, relax and maybe even take a nap. When dew falls in evenings, tent is also a nice place to be - also for mom and dad!

Good Garden Playhouse Ideas

An entrance, as only children can get through from outside by running down a slide. And then it's convenient that playhouse ideas is located on a plateau excavated on a slope, then slide naturally goes from garden down slope to plateau with playhouse ideas. house is built from recycled wood and came in total to cost about 2,000 kr. dome is made ​​of thin aluminum pieces found at recycling and boards that were left over after a construction project in house. Kids love secret caves and entrances. Especially if they are so small and secret that adults cannot get to!

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