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#Golf Tips - Focusing on Basic Key Elements to Improve Your Swing

By Golfforbeginners
The golf blog below was sent to me by Megan Newton from HC Golf, a mobile application which allows a player to "connect with a coach for immediate swing feedback on the course or at the range."
Sounds like an interesting concept and, since Megan wrote about how she is trying to improve her golf swing and lessen mistakes which lead to higher scores, I felt this blog would help many beginners both with the psychological aspect of the game (as Megan is improving, so shall you) and the obvious physical lesson. Enjoy!
As the marketing manager for a recently launched golf app, HC Golf, it’s a little embarrassing to admit that my golf game needs a lot of work!  I grew up playing miniature golf, so my short game is pretty on point, but when it comes to driving, I’m a mess!
After accepting the position at HC Golf, I made it a personal mission to improve my golf game so I can really walk the walk and talk the talk!  To get the ball rolling (no pun intended) I reached out to Sean McLoughlin, one of HC Golf’s certified PGA instructors to identify three mistakes that many beginning golfers make when hitting off the tee, and how those errors can be fixed.
1.  The Grip:  Although it seems simple, gripping the club properly is one of the biggest challenges beginning golfers face.  A quality grip will help control the face position of the club and keep the ball path straight.  Good grip will also create the right amount of wrist hinge and allow golfers to feel the position of the club in the air.
For right handed golfers:
1. Hold the club 3 feet in the air in front of body.  Make sure face of club is square.
2. Place the club at an angle in the fingers of left hand.  The club should touch the base of the little finger and just above first joint in index finger.  Place left thumb at 1 o’clock position.
#Golf Tips - Focusing on Basic Key Elements to Improve Your Swing
#Golf Tips - Focusing on Basic Key Elements to Improve Your Swing
3. Place club in fingers of right hand at a right angle.  Cover left hand thumb with the life line of the right palm.
#Golf Tips - Focusing on Basic Key Elements to Improve Your Swing4. Interlock the back hand pinkie finger with the right hand pointer finger. The left hand thumb should also run down the front of the grip, just below the lead hand thumb.
Lastly, avoid the death grip.  A light grip pressure will help to hit the ball farther.
2. The Approach and Posture:  The ball should be positioned so that there is equal distance between the front and back foot.  The club should be point to where you are hitting the ball. Now, put the club head behind the ball. It should come up at a 45­ degree angle and fit naturally in your hands.
1.  Slightly bent knees.  To determine the correct amount of flex, golfers should look down and line up their knees with the balls of their feet.
#Golf Tips - Focusing on Basic Key Elements to Improve Your Swing
2.  Upper body leaning over the ball, but not hunched.
3.  Feet shoulder width apart.
#Golf Tips - Focusing on Basic Key Elements to Improve Your Swing
This position should feel relaxed and comfortable.
3.  Practice, Practice, Practice:  As with mastering any skill, it takes a lot of practice.  It takes time to develop as a golfer, so be patient and persistent.  Repetition makes the mechanics of a swing seem second nature over the course of months or years, so be sure to form good habits early on.
Also, think about identifying one or two areas of the game to improve at time rather than trying to master everything at once.  This will help golfers stay focused and set realistic expectations.
The golf swing is a complicated action, but by breaking it down and focusing on a few key elements at a time, any beginner can take their game to the next level.
Happy hitting,
Megan, HC Golf
Check out HC Golf app on iTunes.
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