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GOLF: The Hole Story

By Eatsleepgolf @eatsleepgolf
I came across this video trailer called 'Golf: The Hole Story' which I found surprisingly entertaining.  It raised some good questions that perked my interest like "Do you consider golf to be a spiritual game?"  I've never really thought of that before.  Have a look...
GOLF: The Hole Story
GOLF: The Hole Story is the first documentary about the philosophical nature of golf. After a hundred year hiatus, golf will be reinstated as an Olympic sport in the 2016 summer games. This film explores how the game is played on every continent and discusses where it is headed. The director, Erik Anders Lang, is inspired by the discovery that golf is not what he expected.

Here’s the whole story:
We will film primarily in America, where the future of the game is held; Scotland, where ‘legend has it’ golf was conceived; India, where golf is the preferred sport in the slums; and Japan, to meditate on the root of the Zen connection.
You’ll hear from a surprising group of players like Michael Murphy, founder of Esalen and author of “Golf in the Kingdom;” Pete Dye, world-renowned golf course architect; and famous rock stars, surfers, actors, comedians and more.
Tour Pros, Nick Price and Bernhard Langer, offer rare insights into their game and why they play. Many more are yet to come.
This film will change the way you see the game of golf.  Find out more on the Golf: The Hole Story website.

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