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Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India

By Sonyaandtravis @sonyaandtravis

After a long train ride from Udaipur to Delhi, and then another long bus from Delhi to Amritsar we arrived at the spiritual center of the Sikh faith.

We checked into a hotel near the city’s main attraction – the Golden Temple. By then, the sun was setting so we decided to take a walk to the temple.  It was a lot busier than I experienced during my last visit in 2006 – and we lined up alongside many Sikh families to put our shoes into storage, wash our feet before entering, and for Travis to collect a scarf for his head.

The grandeur and magnificence of the Golden Temple is breathtaking as one first enters the area. It is set on one side of a huge man-made lake of water. Whilst witnessing the temple’s dazzling gold exterior is amazing, seeing the many, many Sikhs make their pilgrimage to this sacred place quite a moving experience.  Many were walking around the temple, as we were, others sat quietly and respectfully on the edge of the holy lake. The place was so alight with colourful turbans, and sarees.

After circling the Golden Temple, we went into the Langar canteen. The generous Sikh community offer free food for anybody who enters the Langar – and anybody can have a meal as often as they wish. The meal is simple – everybody entering receives a traditional thali steel plate and a steel bowl for water. Upon entering the canteen, people sit in rows cross legged on the floor. The volunteers who serve the food pass through each row, placing dahl, water, bread on each person’s plate.

The Golden Temple a prominent Sikh Gurdwara

Akal Takht (The Throne of the Timeless One)

The Harmandir Sahib with clock tower in the background

The Darbar Sahib and North entrance gate

Golden Temple and clock tower

Travis and Sonya at the Golden Temple

Sikh pilgrim viewing the Golden Temple

The Golden Temple at twilight

The Golden Temple viewed through the North entrance gate

The Golden temple and Akal Takht

The Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib

Central Sikh Museum and clock tower

Sikh man in traditional dress and turban at the Golden Temple

Two Sikh men wearing royal blue turbans common among Sikh ministers and gyanis

Sikh man wearing traditional Orange and Blue colours that reflect the Khalsa

Travis taking a photo of a Sikh at the Golden Temple

Sonya at the Golden Temple

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