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Gold Baby – ‘Dogbone’

Posted on the 11 January 2020 by Spectralnights
Gold Baby – ‘Dogbone’

Photo credit: Keira Cullinane

Gold Baby kick off 2020 with the release of ‘Dogbone’, another slice of confessional indie-pop with witty lyrics and emo-tinged melodies. The song opens with a blast of slacker hooks as Siân opens up about her innermost thoughts and feelings in a way similar to Anna Burch: ‘I got enough friends. I’ve got enough things. I’ve got enough memories to peruse. I cleared the house out. I got your stains out yet all I see is you. And it doesn’t mean shit.’

Around the halfway mark, the song shifts to a fuzzy sound more akin to latter-day Los Campesinos! as Siân repeatedly sings to the subject ‘You’re no one’ and ‘You are not the dogbone. Or the wishbone. Or the rerun. Or the shit on my phone’.

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