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Going to Italy!! Book Recs Please...

By Bookaholic @BookReflections
Going to Italy!!  Book Recs Please...
I'm always going on and on giving my excuses on why I've been less than present and less than a good blogger friend.
Here's excuse #1,439,385...  I have a part-time job called planning a two week trip to ITALY!
I'm super excited but the trip is literally right around the corner and less than a month away.  Eek! And... Yay! It's all so confusing.
BUT as always I need some help (I'm always begging, aren't I?).
If you have any book recommendations for Italy themed reads or great books to read on very long international flights that also happen to have an even longer layover, please post away.  You can leave a comment or you can link up a review if you've written a review on a book I'd be interested in.  PLEASE HELP!!

Thanks everyone!
P.S.  If you have traveling and/or packing tips, I'd appreciate that as well.

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