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Going On: Illegal Hunter Shot, Apple Opening, Council Retreat

By Ceemac126 @PGCBlogging

County Council critiqued for retreat, Apple to open mini-stores inside some Target stores, Five dudes go on illegal deer hunGoing On: Illegal Hunter Shot, Apple Opening, Council Retreatting trip in Ft. Washington and accidentally shoots his hunting buddy

Prince George’s County Council is holding its annual retreat in $139 a night per room and $550 a day for meeting rooms.  I wouldn’t mind them going to Baltimore if the County wasn’t facing a $125 million deficit.  Neighboring counties in better financial states don’t spend this kind of money on retreats.  The actual cost for the 2-day retreat might not be exhorbitant but in this economic climate, the decision to spend like this makes the County Council look frivolous.

  • Let them eat cake?

Apple will be opening new mini-stores in Target stores  in areas that don’t have enough Apple customers to support the opening of a full Apple store.  This endeavor will start with 25 Target stores where IPods, IPads, MacBooks, IMACs and other Mac accessories will be available.  So that means a Target in Prince George’s County has GOT to be opening a mini-store, right?

Five men were hunting off Indian Head Highway and Oxon Hill Road.  Get this, the land where they were hunting is owned by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.  Some of these guys didn’t have on flourescent clothing so when a deer they were trying to flush out suddenly jumped out and scared them, one of the “hunters’ shot his buddy in the stomach.

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By  Jesereanl
posted on 10 January at 07:47
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Apple declared Friday that it will be opening up 25 brand new store-within-a-store mini areas at Target shops across the country. The move is Apple's attempt to broaden its retail presence to populations too little to support a standalone brick-and-mortar Apple store. Source of article: Apple to open mini-stores in 25 Targets.

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