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Going Green - Raeusables Sponge

By Chaayen

Ever reading this article on Dead White Men's Clothes, it has set me thinking on re-usable fashion items. To be honest, I am guilty for purchasing more clothes than I can ever wear this lifetime. However, for women we do have more style-trends and I don't think I can survive not keeping up to them. 

So, I thought about options using our rags and spare clothes. I came across the Raeusables Sponge from Cheeky Feys and decided to put them to the test. Usually, we use synthetic sponges at home. 

Going Green - Raeusables Sponge

  1. Aesthetics: Our original one is pretty simple and doesn't look too awful in our kitchen sink. But you have to admit that the Raeusables Sponge is practically a piece of art. Kinda of obvious who reign supreme. 

  2. Price: In terms of price, both are priced quite similarly, the difference isn't jarring. You get more discounts if you buy more synthetic sponges at home. Raeusables Sponge is priced at $3.45 a piece. 

  3. Material: Both have the smooth sponge surface and a rougher netting like surface. For me, it is quite surprising that the Raeusables Sponge cleans as well as our synthetic piece. :)

  4. Going Green - Raeusables Sponge

  5. Squeezing out water: The inner body of the Raeusables Sponge is made of rags so it doesn't squeeze out water as well. Personally, I am ok with this. But my husband who likes a dry kitchen at the end of the days hates that he can't squeeze out that much water.
At the end of the day, I think it is really up to how much you want to do for the environment. Personally, I feel reusable sponges are quite a good option to downgrade our old clothes into. Especially when some of our clothes are made of very good material. Am thinking of embarking on more "green-related" posts. Will probably start a new series next year :D***Note: Laptop is down, so posts won't be as frequent!

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