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Going Green and Sheer Style – FABruary Style Challenge

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Going Green

Like all colours, green comes in warm and cool versions, and it’s one of the colours that really matter about the warmth or coolness and your colouring.  The right green will make you look great, the wrong one, really sickly.  So it’s important you can figure out if your best green is warm or cool.

Greens that are warm have a yellowish undertone – they extend all the way around the yellow-greens.  Cool greens look bluish and extend into the turquoise and teal shades.

Most likely, if you have an olive green eye (or hazel eye) you will suit the warm shades of green. All other shades of eyes may be warm or cool, you need to figure that out based on your skin-tone. But green is a great color to use to see if you are warm or cool.  Take an olive type green (warm) and a more forrest green (cool) and see which suits you best.

Going Green
Going Green by imogenl featuring donna karan

Sheer Style

Sheer fabrics are a great way to wear a color that is less than stellar for you. The ability to see skin, or another color through them can soften down the color and make it more flattering.

How to wear sheer
How to wear sheer by imogenl featuring kaliko

If you are wearing a sheer top to work, ensure it is appropriate and that you have an opaque top underneath your sheer top.

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