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Godaddy By The Numbers: 55 Million Domains Under Management

Posted on the 06 March 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

Some really interesting numbers are coming out of the Godaddy Registry Days conference in Arizona today.

The numbers are just huge all around for the company that was started in 1997:

Almost 55 Million domains are under management, which is more than the next 10 largest registrars combined.

68% of registrations are .Com

Selling 70+ extensions today. registers 50,000 domain names per day

1.6-1.8 domains are registrations every second.

80 million available checks per day.

50,000 Name Servers updates per day.

25,000 registry commands a minute.

Godaddy has 2,200 employees

900 engineers

11 million customers

12 global facilities

100/GB per second of internet traffic

Godaddy sends almost 1,000 TB of data to the internet each day

27 PB (petabytes) of storage running on 51,347 disks

The Hosting environment does approx 463 billion operations a day (read, writes) or 5.4 million per second.

Godaddy gets 75,000 calls a day and has the capability of handling   600 calls per mintue.

Godaddy records 100% of all customer to agent calls

Godaddy gets 11 billion DNS queries a day


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