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God Bless You, Betty Ford, Rest in Peace

Posted on the 10 July 2011 by Mikeb302000
Former First Lady Betty Ford was a supporter of gun control, despite criticism from the right. 
She was an exceptionally brave woman, facing breast cancer in a manner which not only ensured her survival, but in a way to help other women to survive the disease. Thank you for that, Betty Ford.
She was a strong supporter of equality for women, for women to have control of their bodies, for rational attitudes towards sex, and for the Equal Rights Amendment.  Thank you for that too, Betty Ford.
She was courageous in facing the illness of addiction to prescription pain medication, and a related dependency on alcohol, founding the Betty Ford Center in California, in conjunction with the Eisenhower Medical Center in response to her own battle.  While it has been the treatment center of choice for many celebrities, it has helped tens of thousands of less famous people, through both inpatient and outpatient care.
She went on to establish the Betty Ford Center Foundation and the Betty Ford Institute to continue the work of the Betty Ford Center. 
This is an exceptional legacy for any First Lady; thank you Betty Ford for a life time of rising to the occasion when faced with challenges and illness and criticism, so as to help not only yourself, but others.
Thank you Betty Ford; you will be missed.

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