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Gobekli Tepe - Temple Or Council - Diplomatic (rather Than Religious) Origin

Posted on the 01 December 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Gobekli Tepe - Temple or Council - Diplomatic (rather than religious) Origin
Free Planet is not a fan of leveraging contemporary GODMA onto the meeting spaces of our Ancient Ancestors.
The twin-pillar representations at the centres of places like Gobekli Tepe (in Turkey) and Stonehenge (in Britain) while seemingly Freemasonic in origin might merely reflect the sharing of responsibility between THE MALE and THE FEMALE. These sites of 'worship', time-marked by the procession of the zodiacal calendar, were more likely to be tribal-meeting arenas at the crossroads of territories held by neighbouring tribes - a place where diplomacy between potentially-warring factions could be exercised.
For what is a Temple (or Mosque (or Church) or any Sacred Place) but a location where negotiation with the Eternal can take place a) publicly and b) internally, and interpretations of the Fates can take place?
"I think what God meant to say was this..." for ludicrous egocentric example.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: while the above video focuses on what-we-today-call 'gods' and 'religions' and 'the building of ceremonial stone circles to honor such' to support the documentary producer's mystical thesis, this is forgivable in the sense that in terms of Artistic Exploration of the Evidence. The introduction of The (Indian) Vedas into the debate is a special moment in the interpretation of these super-ancient monuments. This is clearly the best documentary to date on (the twenty temples of) Gobekli Tepe... whatever it was.
Another concept this video considers is that 'the gods' weren't g.o.d.s. as such but were just a Special Family of Humans who were experts in Out Of The Box Thinking aka Snake-oil Salesmen or Magicians or Con-artists explored in a recent Free Planet post WHAT IF THE NEPHILIM WEREN'T GODS.
Please activate Subtitles on the above video as key interviews are in Anatolian.

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