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Go to the Very End of the Minecraft World with Far Lands Or Bust

By Boxmash

How far have you walked in Minecraft? Most people walk miles and miles every time they play, but they never run out of places to find. That’s because the computer brain behind Minecraft keeps making new places, building new mountains, and setting out new rivers. No matter how far you walk, you won’t run out of world. But one man is trying to prove that wrong. He’s got a mission to walk to the very end of Minecraft.

Kurt – known as Mac online – read about the science behind Minecraft and realised that there was an end to the world. The computer stops building the world after many, many miles, and when it does strange things happen. It’s believed that at the edge of the Minecraft world crazy things happen, and that the world looks all warped and insane. Kurt wants to see what that looks like, and so he started walking. He’s been making YouTube videos of his journey to the Far Lands – the place at the very end of the world – and he’s made 317 videos so far. His journey has taken him over seven hundred thousand kilometers, and he’s spent 180 hours just walking towards where he thinks the Far Lands are.

No one knows really how long it would take to reach the Far Lands. The best guess is, on a completely flat world, 820 hours. But Kurt’s world is full of hills and caves, cliffs and rivers, oceans and farms – all kinds of places that distract him and take time to travel over. Some people have said it will take him 3,000 episodes to reach the Far Lands. But Kurt doesn’t care – he loves making the videos, and his journey has been fun.

To watch Kurt’s journey to the Far Lands, watch the video above, and then check out his YouTube page and watch the videos called ‘Far Lands or Bust’.

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