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Go to the Library!

By Joblessandbored @UKunemployed

If you haven’t been to the library in recent years, you may think of it as some dusty, boring old place full of pensioners, but they are a lot different these days! At least in my experience anyway.

Reading is a good way to occupy your time whilst unemployed, I have got into the habit of reading every night in bed so am getting through a few books a week at the moment.

There is a ‘lad lit’ section at my local library which is basically stories aimed at men/lads. The sort of stories that you can imagine Guy Ritchie or a similar director making a film about. I read a lot of those books as well as comedy, crime and autobiographies (of comedians/footballers mostly).

It isn’t all about books though! You can rent out DVD’s for £1.70 and they have quite a lot of new releases, so it is good value for money. They also have free internet access so if you can’t afford to pay your broadband bill you could go there to apply for jobs, check your email, and of course!!

Just make sure you bring the books/DVD’s back on time or you will end up paying fines which is an annoying waste of what little money you get, as I have found out!

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