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Go for Broke: Kaminomi Megami-hen

Posted on the 14 January 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG


I am currently enjoying my very first paid vacation ever. It feels great!

Kaminomi zo shiru sekai (whose title I just started to fully remember, after three seasons it is about time) is a series that stars Keima and Elsie. The latter is a demon in search for kaketama that can only be obtained when the host of said kaketama falls in love. To get them she teams up with Keima, also known as the God of Conquest. In games.

This new installment of the series is a bit different from the others: in the ones before, several episodes were devoted to the conquest of one girl and new characters were introduced all the time. In Megami-hen, Keima has to conquer once again girls who already fell in love with him in order to discover all the goddesses that have found shelter inside them and save them and the world from destruction.

Kaminomi Megami-hen Kaminomi Megami-hen Kaminomi Megami-hen Kaminomi Megami-hen Kaminomi Megami-hen Kaminomi Megami-hen

I shall be honest, this is my favorite season of the series.

You see, the series before were a bit boring. It was always the same thing: Elsie finds a kaketama, Keima conquers the girl and everything is fine. In Megami-hen, Keima conquers a girl and nothing is fine, until the last one obviously.

The plot of the ones before rested solely on the characters, however, I never once felt attached to one. Aside from our main duo and a few other demons, the characters always changed, you barely had the time to get attached until they disappear to let the series focus on someone else.

Megami-hen changes that. Megami-hen has an actual plot and that changes everything.

I am not usually someone to hate on something without plot, it often is light-hearted and offers great-entertainment, but Kaminomi has always been on the serious side so it was not exactly the most fitting thing for entertainment. Megami-hen goes full on the dark and serious side, with cute and funny moments that somehow shined better in this atmosphere. And that was great.

As far as the characters are concerned, they are all people we are already familiar with, girls that Keima has already conquered. Obviously they picked the more popular ones.

I did not even mind. I was actually rather happy to see them again after they have been discarded so easily by the story.

They are all rather interesting girls and well-written, the fact that they have already been developed in previous episodes, especially in terms of personality and how they react to Keima has been a plus in Megami-hen. It is easier to add to characters that have already been developed than to write completely new ones. It may have chosen the easy path but at the same time, it was well done.

No one really stood out for me in this series, just like no one did in the previous seasons. I am still very interested in Keima and Shiori might be my favorite of all the girls.

The main thing I would reproach to this series is that it might be a bit too hard to get into it if you are not familiar with the series yet, but it does provide a bit of background on what happened previously, just, not enough if you are new to the series and a bit too much if you are not.

In short, if you watched the previous two seasons you will not be disappointed by this one. If you have not, well, that is up to you.

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