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Global Work of Good Will

By Luphil

The 7 November is the 66th birthday of K. Parvathi Kumar and it is celebrated each year as the Day of Good Will. The Circle of Good Will, Switzerland, is inspired by the Circle of Good Will he founded in 1985.

Global Work of Good Will

September 2010 in the garden of our old apartment in Muri

As a little inspiration about goodwill work you find here a short extract on the global Good Will work and the service of Hierarchy, from my notes of the seminar on Cosmogenesis by Sri Kumar, January 2006, and a picture on the power of good will:

“So the groups are getting universal. You can’t create these groups, they have been prepared over centuries and they come again. We move in groups. Most of those who are in the groups have been in the groups of HPB. The masters are building a group who is not in the world, but works for the world. In all fields, social, health, economy, it is a global goodwill work. All those who have deep goodwill do this work, and the work will happen. That is the grand work done consciously or unconsciously. More and more great beings come to you. Think global, act local. Global thought you have to work out with such an intent to get it out….

As per the maintenance of the body, in yoga practice the body is also important for goodwill work. Every disciple is responsible for his body to be well kept. The masters like Kuthumi, Morya, Djwhal Khul, St. Germain, they are all outstanding in keeping their bodies shining, but none of them is equal to Lord Maitreya. You don’t find any kind of old age or sickness in his perfect body that exists on the physical plane. The Lord, wherever he goes, whatever his feet touch, the places get instantly sanctified. That is the beauty of the Masters. Even if they move away, their vibration remains there. The houses they visit get sanctified. They become centres for pilgrimage. In fact the Lord Maitreya only moves to sanctified places. It is only to sanctify the place where he moves to. All the yogis of the Himalaya and those who live around the sacred river Ganga always worshipped Lord Maitreya. During the dawn hours, we need to recollect all the great beings who work for our upliftment, especially Lord Maitreya.

Think of your master, his master, his master, the seven seers, then the pole star, then invoke the sons of mind, the sons of yoga. Immediately after the Kumaras we think of Lord Maitreya and the Hierarchy. They need to be invoked on a regular basis in the morning and evening hours. He blesses light to humanity in this postures (Sri Kumar shows the hands downward in a giving posture like in some pictures of Jesus) during the morning and evening hours. We may not be conscious of the support he gives until we gain the corresponding state. Even the yogis think of the Lord in the morning and evening hours, one of the most sublime beings that exist on the planet. He is ever ready to be a servant of the servers. He helps the groups who serve. He remains very obedient to the true servers, all members of Hierarchy are very obedient to true servers, true disciples. A server is one who has divinity in his heart and serves the world with an attitude that the world is no other than the form of the Lord. When everyone is served in this manner, only the Lord is served. Thus the Lord remains readily available for men.”

Extract of a picture I painted in August 1988, on the Power of Good Will

Global Work of Good Will

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