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Global Style: Ready to Gypset?

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

Get ready to be bitten by the travel bug this summer because Amsterdam, Paris, London and New York, here we come! This morning as I was getting my fashion fix on, I stopped at the Global Street Chic section and started daydreaming about where I should plan to go for my next trip out of the country. Amsterdam? Paris? Singapore? Tokyo? Oh, there are just too many tantalizing choices—but one thing I know is that each city exudes their own alluring sense of global style.

Elle describes Singapore street fashion as the “sophisticated, easy fashion worn with the ultimate sense of style”; Chicago as “all about the cool urban look”; Zagreb, Crotia as “a stylish clan” influenced from the beautiful beaches and yacht-friendly island; LA as “casual cool”; and Amsterdam as the romantic city with unique style. (Check out for more global looks and cities!)

global fashion gypset

Clockwise: Amsterdam; Zagreb; Chicago; LA; Singapore; Zagreb

There is a lot of style overlap because there is no cookie-cutter description for each city—we’re all influenced by what we see, where we are, who we are and what we are surrounded by every day. So if you want more of that style bug to kick in, eye the streets, roam the globe, dare to try something different (like adding a big, bold chunky necklace to your ensemble maybe?) and that will influence your style more than you know!

Happy globe trotting!

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