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Give Your Friend an Jumper – Lucky Them!

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

Here are some suggestions from Cassandra,

  1. Try to recycle – or upcycle – one object a month.  This could be anything, from giving a friend your old jumper, to restoring a dresser you found on a skip and flogging it on Ebay for £50!  Make money and feel virtuous – ideal!
  2. Instead of spending loads of cash on last minute gifts, spend a bit of time each day planning and hand-making at least one gift for this Christmas.  Cushions are really easy to make and customise with names and iron-on embellishments, and are more meaningful than a gift pack of perfume and supermarket roses. They just take more time to do, so build it into your day.
  3. Try to create folders for your emails so that you can archive important messages, then chuck the rest.
  4. I always try to strike up conversations with elderly people – they appreciate the effort, are nearly always polite, and you learn so much from them.
  5. Declutter your shed – I bet you there’s at least £50 worth of unwanted items that you could sell on or give away.

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