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"girl Hot" Vs "guy Hot"

By Shanlakes
blake lively pregnant gucci dress{pic c/o here}
This is a concept I've been intrigued about since probably 7th I thought why not dedicate a blog post to it. Although it's pretty self explanatory, I will quickly explain. Girl hot, refers to outfits, hair, makeup, accessories, etc. that other girls think is attractive and cool. And guy hot, is when you are going purely for the pleasure of being aesthetically pleasing to the male gender. Let me break help break it down for you...
1. Girl hot: Short hair {It's trendy and easy} or wearing your hair in a top knot.
2. Guy hot: Long hair {Long hair is sexy and feminine}
3. Girl hot: Smokey eye make up, a cat eye, a full face of make up
4. Guy hot: Natural Make up. Just mascara and a hint of blush. Almost all men prefer their guys to look natural.
5. Girl hot: Dark nails, colorful nails, neon nails, different colored nails, or nails with designs.
6. Guy hot: A clean french manicure or light neutral color.
7. Girl hot: Lipstick
8: Guy hot: A neutral lip
9. Girl hot: Bushy full eye brows
10. Guy hot: A natural, light, and thinner arch
11. Girl hot: Trendy clothes along the lines of Leandra from the Man Repeller: Overalls, baggy plaid shirts, boyfriend jeans, trousers, blazers, trench coats, one piece bathing suits, and runway dresses that give your figure no shape whatsoever.
12. Guy hot: A clean look. Simple, yet classy and sexy. You chose one feature to show and flaunt it. If you're showing cleavage the dress can't be super short, or if the dress is extremely tight it should be long sleeve. Finding the perfect blend between sexy + classy = guy hot.

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