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GippsAero GA8 TC-320 Airvan

By Htam

2016 Hiller HeliFest,  N137HP 2015 GIPPSAERO PTY LTD GA8 TC-320,
@San Carlos Airport, San Carlos, CA

June 2016

A CHP surveillance plane departs San Carlos after attending the Hiller Aviation Museum HeliFest event.  The CHP operates two of these utility aircraft produced by the Australian firm GippsAero.  First flown in 1995, over 200 have been delivered to civilian and military users worldwide.  This type also became the first Australian designed and manufactured aircraft to fly around the world back in 2010.  Nikon D7100 w/80-400 mm, processed with Aperture.

GippsAero GA8 TC-320 Airvan

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