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Gingham Style

By Styleofsam @styleofsam

Gingham StyleGingham StyleGingham StyleGingham StyleGingham StyleGingham StyleGingham StyleGingham StyleAs promised, here is the OTHER outfit that I wore with my pom pom sandals! All of the pom poms are still intact! LOL! I wore this off-the-shoulder dress to the rewardStyle Masterclass last month.

// Photography by Angie Garcia //

I know what you are thinking... is that a dress? Well, it's labeled as such (actually a mini dress). However, I'm wearing shorts under it because it's on the very short side. I didn't remember to pull it down.

This off-the-shoulder dress is so voluminous! I love the blue gingham pattern and the long ruffled layers on top. That makes up for the short, right?

Then it hit me! It was perfect to wear with those very-colorful-not-too-practical-but-I-couldn't-help-myself pom pom sandals. Plus, yellow tassel earrings balanced out the colorful sandals, and that's how this outfit was born.

Off-the-shoulder styles have been my go-to lately especially now that it's almost officially summer. I've mentioned it before, but shoulders always look good on a woman no matter her age (because they DON'T age). Plus, it's a trend that's going strong so your off-the-shoulder piece will be relevant for quite a few seasons.

Normally, I would balance an off-the-shoulder piece with something longer on the bottom, but I was TRYING to also wear those pom pom sandals. BTW, you'll see how I wore this dress in black as a top/tunic soon on the blog. That's my trick for anything too short. Just wear pants under it! Voila... a fantastic top.

THE STYLE Rx: Summer is almost here, so it's the perfect time to try an off-the-shoulder piece (if you haven't already). This blue gingham dress is a favorite because it can be worn two ways - as a mini dress and tunic. Plus, the ruffles give it an extra playfulness.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! We've guests coming in and a lot planned, so I've been drinking coffee like a mad man!

Did I tell you? We are officially a WAITING FAMILY! This is REAL! I'm finishing the profile book by the end of the weekend... and then we play the waiting game. Eep! I'm still not ready yet (house a mess, life unorganized, etc.) but God has a plan and things will happen when they're supposed to happen. #breathe


off the shoulder dress MLM LABEL {similar for $20}
earrings H&M {old, but similar here}
pom pom sandals NET-A-PORTER
sunglasses QUAY

Gingham StyleGingham Style

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