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Ginger Spice Smoothie

By Thepickyeater @pickyeaterblog
Ginger Spice Smoothie

Hi Everyone! This week I'm excited to announce that I'm partnering with Dr. Mark Hyman to help answer all of your questions about fat, healthy fats, and weight loss. In Dr. Hyman's newest book: Eat Fat, Get Thin, he turns our understanding of why we get fat and sick completely upside down. Contrary to popular belief, you can lose weight by eating the right kinds of fats (and reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes and more). In other words, just about everything we've been told about fat is wrong!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing 10 Facts about Fat that you need to know (and the true culprit behind this country's obesity crisis and other health problems!) But today, I'd like to share a recipe from Dr. Hyman's book: this creamy, spiced, low-carb smoothie.

It's a great way to start your day and get it into fat-burning mode. The ginger is also great for digestion. I've included a few modifications that I made to the smoothie, but it was inspired by Dr. Hyman's recipe!




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