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Ginger Haired People, We Can Help You.

By Harry @web_pensioner

Zimbabwe Therapy Clinic


We are a well known Therapy Clinic treating thousands of unfortunate ginger haired people, who are misunderstood and find it hard to make and also keep close friends. We found a lot of people go through life on their own.

At the Mugabe Clinic here in Zimbabwe which was started by our beloved leader, he died his hair black when he was young. We decided to start a clinic in Briton because there a lot of gingers who live and work there and also it will be a good opportunity to make a lot of money.

We have hundreds of trained helpers who were once officers in our prisons so they know how to look after and treat people. Some of them will travel to Briton if they are allowed into the country because of their police records.

Photos, Yahoo photos,

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This photo is of our headquarters and our main clinic.


DR. Horace. Campole will be in charge.


Aided by Therapist DR. Mick. Dumrap.

So fear not all you gingers, help is here for you.  Just phone up and we will have a consultation with you, it will cost £ 300.00.

Your two weeks stay will cost £3,000.00 with everything provided, food, water and beds, see photo below.


Patients will not be allowed out or have any contact with the outside world for the two weeks as this would harm the therapy, and it will also give time for the wounds to heal.

So, come along get cured and feel like everyone else.

MR. Robert. Mugabe, Owner , Director  and  Dictator.


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