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Gin, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer Cocktail

By Creativeculinary @CreativCulinary

This Gin, Apple Cider and Ginger Beer Cocktail is fantastic. Combining gin, apple cider, lemon juice and ginger beer in an ice cold beverage garnished with nutmeg. Tis the Fall Season!

Gin, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer Cocktail

One of the most visited cocktails in these pages and one I consider as my quintessential Fall drink, is this Bourbon and Apple Cider Cocktail. So my interest was piqued when I saw a recipe from Nolet's for a Gin, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer Cocktail. Similar ingredients but totally different with the addition of a spirit which carries the aroma and taste of juniper. I had to try it!

While I do love experimenting with cocktails I'm also not adverse to using a brand's recipe; as a matter of fact I welcome them. If the result is a great cocktail like this one we all win. My time investment is shortened and you get a tried and true cocktail that I post because I loved it too.

Who doesn't love the idea of combining apple, lemon, and ginger beer? Adding Hendrick's to that mix was unique to me but what a great result it was!

Gin actually has very humble origins. Those origins pretty much fly in the face of how most of us think of gin today, a totally English and very proper addition to G & T's and the quintessential part of a classic dry martini.

The irony is that for a very long time, gin was actually distilled in back alleys and bathtubs. But until recently, gin was distilled - and consumed - in back alleys and bathtubs. It was the drink of choice for the very poor and drink a lot of it they did!

The dictionary definition of gin is that of a neutral grain spirit re-distilled with botanicals, most significantly the well-known juniper. And the juniper berry is really the only thing all gins have in common leading to the obvious pine-ish scent they all carry. There is no set in stone requirement for how much; just that gin must have the predominant flavor of juniper.

You may find any number of other botanicals included in your gin, from citrus peels, licorice, coriander, flowers, and bitter almonds, to some that even contain cinnamon and nutmeg.

Gin, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer Cocktail
There are four main styles of gin

1. London Dry
Probably the most familiar and curiously one that does not have to be made in London. It is defined by getting its juniper flavor from neutral spirits (grain alcohol) re-distilled with botanicals, with nothing added after the re-distillation process.

2. Dutch Genever
A genever starts with a malted grain mash, more like whiskey. The process lends itself to barrel-aging, whereas making English gins is a very quick process, sometimes taking no longer than a day. Not as popular as London Dry Gin, the process is making something of a comeback lately.

3. Old Tom
Another that had fallen out of favor but is seeing some renewed interest today, Old Toms are characterized by sugar in the re-distillation making then sweeter than a London Dry gin.

4. Compound Gin

Compound gin was the beverage of choice for the working classes in the early days of gin production. The flavor is derived from essences that are added to neutral grain spirits and there is no re-distillation. During those early days one of those essences, believe it or not, was turpentine!

Another type that is seeing a renewed interest today and Hendrick's is an example; the signature cucumber and rose petal essences are too delicate for the re-distillation process so they are added after the spirit is re-distilled with eleven more traditional botanicals in neutral spirits. The result is an exquisitely balanced profile with a delightfully floral aroma.

Combining this more floral product with the flavors of Fall made for an wonderful balanced cocktail; one where the juniper does not overpower the flavors of apple and ginger. While I will still lament the end of summer as we head into cooler months, I have had to resolve myself to the change; heck, Denver has already has our first snowstorm, OK it was a freaky one but still! This Gin, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer Cocktail is the type of drink I now enjoy after a day of hard so fits the season.

Gin, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer Cocktail

Now that Fall is here I'm busy doing what I always do; hard at work on some landscaping projects. Funny how so many years are spent getting gardens planted and waiting for that moment when the hard labor is done; but the work never ends. This season it's about digging out some overgrown perennials...the same plants that seemed to be too tiny a few short years ago!

Fall is definitely in the air in Colorado. Days are still warm but not as warm; the overhead fan is turned off and both the pup and I like to snuggle under a light blanket. Nights are cooling off enough and days pleasant enough that my air conditioner won't turn on again until next season.

Early morning coffee on the porch means a jacket might be required and I can see two trees in the backyard are already starting to turn color. So, this Fall cocktail is in order. Adding gin to the mix really makes it a great transitional cocktail; not quite as heavy as it would be with bourbon and with a freshness from the herbal bouquet.

Gin, Apple Cider, Ginger Beer Cocktail

The recipe calls for apple cider which of course I had in the fridge...or so I thought. I honestly thought I remembered seeing that bottle but in a pinch I punted and it worked great. One apple, peeled and core removed, put into my blender with a bit of water and cider! You don't have to do that but I must say, it was sure good!

Here's to a beautiful Fall weekend and not killing myself with yard work and to this Gin, Apple Cider & Ginger Beer Cocktail being in my hand....Cheers!

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Gin, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer Cocktail

Gin, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer Cocktail

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