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Gifts for Girls: Mc2 Pixel Purse πŸ‘›

By Evette Garside @evette77

Over the next few days I will be featuring and reviewing some toys and gifts designed with girls in mind. Having two girls, and being female myself means these types of gifts come almost second nature to me.

I'm Starting with a new and unique gift which is part of the Project Mc2 girls range.

Gifts for girls: Mc2 pixel purse πŸ‘›

Project MC2 is of course the Netflix series focussing around a team of girls who love science and all sorts of experiments and attempting to highlight that science can be enjoyed by girls just as much as boys.

We have had lots of Mc2 dolls and accessories, this pixel purse being the latest one. The purse can be used as a normal everyday purse or mini bag. It easily holds most standard size phones inside and comes with a shoulder strap attached. This however is no ordinary purse.

Gifts for girls: Mc2 pixel purse πŸ‘›

The front of the purse is essentially a light display. A bit like having an automated light box on your bag. It comes with 10 pre programmed animations ready to use without any extra device. When those 10 start to bore, more can be created using an app. Girls can spend hours creating their very own unique animations to light up their bags.

Gifts for girls: Mc2 pixel purse πŸ‘›

Animations can include lots of colour, stamps and even words to create names and swapped again and again.

Gifts for girls: Mc2 pixel purse πŸ‘›

The app has many different modes and the designs all begin with a blank pixel screen meaning it's completely down to the owner what the animation turns out like.

Jordanna very much enjoyed trying out different colours and patterns and experimenting with the app to make all sorts of animations. The purse fits her phone in along with a few other small accessories.

The age guide level is 6-12 years and the purse costs around £39.99 from all good toy retailers.

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