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Gift Wrapping Your Relationships with Love

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

Got your computer humming and your running shoes pumped? Once the turkey is picked apart, our country’s annual shopping marathon starts, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Whatever happened to stockings filled with oranges, nuts, and maybe a Matchbox car or a tube of Tangee?

Gift Wrapping your Relationships with LoveA better question might be, what are we really giving each other?

The stress, hassle, expense, and downright angst resulting from random holiday gifting have been chronicled for years, so why do we continue the madness? Whether it’s Hanukah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, money for presents flies out of our pockets, often with a sense of resentment. What would happen if it all stopped on a dime?

What if new holiday gifting rules declared: 1) Every gift purchased must add to the quality of life of the recipient; 2) Every gift purchased must have a hand-written message attached saying why the giver knew the giftee would be thrilled or honored to receive it; 3) Any gift item must be made in the good ol’ USA, including the wrapping that hides it; 4) Material gifts must be accompanied with no less than three promises to share specific times together over the coming year; 5) Ideal gifts, and those declared most precious, would be personal actions, words and revelations given in a spirit of love.

Wouldn’t this genuinely add to the quality of our relationships with each other?  Wouldn’t this be better than having a department store pre-wrapped gift thrust in our faces with a rushed “Happy Holidays” offered as the perfunctory greeting?

We’d all feel so special! And, wouldn’t that be greatest gift of all?

But we all know there’s no way the Christmas train will be stopped dead in its tracks; that would be impossible and most everybody would feel cheated.  But we can claim some sanity during this season of spending.

How about shopping only in your neighborhood? This would help restore local economies and show genuine concern for our communities. Rather than buy yet another doo-dad for those on your list, why not wrap up gift certificates for hair salons or barber shops, car detailing, restaurants, yard or cleaning services, or even the local grocery store?

Passes to museums, plays, concerts and kiddie attractions are wonderful gifts, especially if you offer to tag along. Unique treasures purchased from local artists and craftsmen are one-of-a-kind offerings everyone loves to receive. Or, how about gifting a cherished family heirloom, with your own personal letter of authenticity attached?

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