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Gift Ideas for Your Maid of Honor

By Weddingblog2011

Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your maid of honor? Choosing a gift for such a special person in your life isn’t easy, but check out some of these thoughtful ideas for some fresh inspiration.

As a bride, finding gift ideas for your maid of honor is often last priority, considering the scope of the wedding planning process. Whether you’re getting married in a month or a year, you spend a majority of your time running around to different appointments, meetings with vendors, and of course, those all-too-important dress fittings. After all, much of the focus is on you, so giving gifts to your bridal party or your maid of honor isn’t usually at the top of your to-do list.
However, as the big day approaches, it’s time to put aside the hectic wedding planning process and find the perfect gift for your maid of honor. Although it’s customary to gift all of bridesmaids with something, the maid of honor is special. You chose her because she is a close friend or family member, and she’s someone who holds some significant value in your life. Whatever your relation to your maid of honor, here are some great gift ideas to consider:
Scrapbook—Consider a sentimental gift like a scrapbook and create an entire collage of all the best times you and your maid of honor spent together. If you grew up together, consider pictures of when you were little, trips you took together, and milestones like graduation or birthday parties.
Personalized CD—Another good sentimental gift idea for your maid of honor is a personalized CD. It’s a great gift because you can put together a collection of tunes that represent your friendship. Try making a playlist of songs that mean something to you both, whether they represent tunes you loved in high school, songs of bands that you saw in concert together, or songs with lyrics that talk about friendship and good times.
Engraved Jewelry—You can make someone feel really special with engraved jewelry gift ideas for your maid of honor. Pick out her favorite type of jewelry and have her name, the wedding date, an inside joke, or a special message engraved on it, this way she can have it as a nice keepsake. The sky’s the limit when it comes to gift ideas for your maid of honor, but these are some of the most personal gift ideas you can give.


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