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Gift Ideas for Valentines Day!

By Shoesfashfit @lolashoelove
Did you know Valentines day is in exactly ONE month? So maybe you have started thinking about gifts for your significant other... (or potential significant other.) Let me give you a few ideas!
Okay ladies and gentlemen, this first part is for the lucky lady in your life, let me give you a few suggestions:
  • JustFab - Either buy her a giftcard, or buy her a pair of shoes, (find out her shoe size!) a handbag, or some jewellery! You can't go wrong here!
  • Shoedazzle - Just like above, you can get her a gift card, or buy her something on the site. Girls love shoes and shopping!
  • AdoreMe - Something for after dinner... You could buy her a gift card or pick her out something pretty!
  • Julep - For the nail loving girl! You can buy her a mani/pedi box for just ONE cent! You read that right! Click here, at the top left click 'Become a Maven' complete the short survey and you can get her a gorgeous gift for just 1 cent!

Now some gifts for the gentlemen:
  • - Get cheap razors in your mail every month, you could end up saving hundreds for dollars every month!
  • Monthly Clubs - You can get a tool of the months, BBQ sauce of the month, camping item of the month club and more!
  • Giftcards to buy a game they've been wanting. You can't go wrong with a Playstation Network card or Microsoft Points for the xbox!

Leave your suggestions below!

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