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Gift Ideas for Housewarming Party

By Dr.jenifer Sayyed @SayyedJenifer

If your friends or family have moved to a new rental apartment or purchased a new house and they invite you to their celebration, you must gift them a meaningful housewarming present that they will cherish and help them make their house into a home.

I have recently moved to Pune (my hometown) and we hosted a Goodbye party at my home in Delhi before our departure.  Our guests were kind enough to gift us things which will be useful in our new home.

And now in Pune, we will be soon shifting to a new rental home, which is thrilling and exciting, as I would be celebrating again with my local friends and family.

But moving process becomes overwhelming, it will require months before we finally get settled.

Therefore, I have started shopping for things I would need for our new rental home.  I have curated gift ideas below for housewarming that are budget-friendly and easily available online.  It will help you to select the right item to gift or buy for your new space.

1) Planter Stand

It is one of the best gifts for a housewarming as they add charm to any corner of your home.  You can put indoor plants or faux plants in it to make your home look aesthetically pleasing and green.

Instead of traditional gifts like plants, it is better to opt for a planter stand esp if your friend is moving to a different city like us.  They can carry the planter and put their favorite plants when they shift to a new house.

We have got a planter stand from our friends and it looks alluring. It works best as a prop for making that perfect reel video and I can’t wait to put it in my home.

2) Home linens from the World of EK

Gift Ideas for Housewarming party

I recently did online shopping for bed sheets and cushion covers from the World of EK.

EK by Ekta Kapoor is an endeavour to bring the best of India to our homes.

I wanted the latest home linens which will not only look enticing but also bring positivity and balance to my new rented home.

So I came across World of EK and was amazed by their huge collections which reflect a deep-rooted significance in Indian culture.

Gift Ideas for Housewarming party

I bought this pure cotton bed sheet and cushion cover that is intricately crafted with a mandala design.

A mandala is a sign of attracting balance and positivity, and it leaves a good impact on one’s well-being.  It is also known as a circle or ‘container of the essence’ and is believed to represent wholeness, wellness, connection, unity, harmony, and the cycle of life.

Further, these ornate circular designs and color combinations are reconstructed to ‘update the Mandala’. The patterns have a calming effect on one’s mind and body.

Therefore, for new beginnings, I bought this home linen.  The website is user-friendly and the whole shopping experience was hassle-free.

Gift Ideas for Housewarming partyPackaging

I was surprised when I received these products wrapped exquisitely in this jute packaging. This makes it a wonderful item to gift to your loved ones for their housewarming.

 Further, World of EK offers home décor, incense, dining, and copperware collections. You can shop and gift accordingly.

3) Paintings for Home Décor

Gifting a painting for a housewarming party is always one of the best choices as it makes the four walls turn into a home. It amplifies the aura and elegance of your humble abode. 

There are different types of paintings and you can select the right one considering the person’s choice.  A piece of art will display in a subtle yet profound gallery on the wall.

A Painting to deck up your House

4) Essential oil diffuser

You can give the gift of zen with an essential oil diffuser that can fill their home with tranquility and relaxation.

 Select their favorite essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus for the soothing aromas that will welcome their new space.

It instantly uplifts the mood and tone of the home.

5) Candles

Give a gift of scented and brightening candles to make their new home serene.

Candles are classic and traditional. A gift of candles for a housewarming party can never get old.

I have received handmade candles from a friend for our new home. It is a way of bringing light into someone’s new abode.

Need more ideas? You can also gift:

  1. Wind chimes
  2. Wall clock
  3. Family name signboard
  4. An elegant mirror
  5. Bean bag
  6. Serving trays
  7. Cutlery

I hope the above list will help you to select the right gift for a housewarming party and convey your affection towards them.

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