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Gift Ideas #2

By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy

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Gift season can be quite daunting, especially if you celebrate Christmas big and are wondering for weeks what to get for the cousin you only see once a year, the friend who already has everything or if you don’t want to buy your dad a pair of socks for the 5th year in a row.
I love gift giving and really like being on the lookout for original gifts, so I’m doing some suggestions in the weeks to come. This edition of Gift Ideas is all about books – which if you find the right one, are a really good gift for both men and women, the ones you know all too well and the ones you may not.
Above some suggestions for the men:

1. For the fashionable guy (or the one you hope will learn something from this book): Men in this town
2. For any guy, really: Stuff Every Man Should Know
3. For the guy that likes his burgers: Burger Ka-Pow!
4. For the guy that needs to learn a lesson: How Not To Be A Dick
5. For the guy who isn’t the best survivalist but can laugh about it: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
6. For the guy who likes his whiskey (which is any guy, probably): Drink More Whiskey

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For our girlfriends there’s plenty of book fun as well!

1. For the girlfriend that could use some cheering up (or any girl in the world because who doesn’t like hot guys + kittens?): Hot Guys & Kittens
2. For your fellow weekend-alcoholic (or crazy aunt): It’s Always Wine O’Clock
3. Again, any girl in the world (come on, Nutella?): 30 Best Nutella Recipes
4. For your friend who already looks super cool but would be taken to the next level by this book (thinking about getting it for myself): How To Be Parisian
5. All of the girls who like to make a little fun about being in their twenties: F*CK! I’m In My Twenties
6. The dreamer: Dictionary Of Dreams

christmas gift ideas funny books

In the category Unisex:
1. For those who like a good laugh about crazy Americans (I have ‘Awkward Family Photos and it’s super funny): Awkward Family Pet Photos
2. For anyone you love dearly, a book that you can make an ode to them yourself: What I Love About You
3. For the one who likes to travel but isn’t on a big budget: Travel Guide For The Young, Sexy and Broke
4. Another one for a person with humor and interest in looking at things from another (crazy) view: Think Like A Freak
5. For tattoo-lovers: 1000 Tattoos
6. For the one who can use a little inspiration on a professional level: The Business Book (also funny!)

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