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Gift Buying Service

Posted on the 22 July 2011 by Bgdn_adrian
Gift buying serviceDescription: Often you happen to be invited to a birthday party and do not know what to buy as a gift or you may be invited at the last minute and do not get to buy a gift. In these circumstances such a service would be extremely useful, but the condition is to be carried out only in the city where you live, because delivery can sometimes take 2-3 days. Such a service can be achieved through the presentation site where charges will be displayed. Customers will
enter data such as the amount that falls in the value of the gift, the type of gift to be bought, other specifications relating to the gift recipient. Purchase and delivery will be done personally and in the shortest time possible.
   The business is the acquisition of gifts for customers for a certain fee.
Resources needed: - a capital in order to cover at least the maximum amount
   - ​​a presentation site so as to allow completion of an order
   - promotion of the service
   - personal car
: - The development of income without much effort
   - initial investment is small
   - for more expensive gifts, fees can be very large
   - purchasing gifts is an activity that works all year round
Cons: - some people may show reluctance for such a service
   - clear qualitative evidence is needed to succeed in such an activity
Conclusions: Because you can do it all year round, for birthdays  and holidays, and the initial investment is relatively small, this activity is a business worth trying.

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