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Giant Redwood Trees

Posted on the 04 December 2013 by Manofmany @manofmanytastes

Giant Redwood TreesGiant Redwood Trees

Sequoiadendron Giganteum, or Giant Redwood, is the largest tree on the planet which grows to a height of up to 95 m and up to 17 m in diameter. Basically, if this was a tree house your entire family and a mob of other people could live inside. The good news is that with Firebox new offering you can plant your very own Giant Redwood right in your garden. The bad news is that you’d have to live for another two centuries to see the tree at its maximum height. Well, you can’t have everything now, can you? Firebox online store offers a complete Giant Redwood growing kit, including a germination seed-cup, plastic ‘incubation’ bag, instructions and a selection of seeds. You just need water, some nutrient rich soil and a vast amount of space. But two hundred years is a long time, so the lack of space for the enormous timber is not really your problem, right? You can grab your bag of Giant Redwood seeds for just £6.99.

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