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Giant Battle Robot Built in Minecraft Really Works

By Boxmash
Mega Gargantua

There are great Minecraft creations, and then there are mind-blowing ones. This one will really bend your brain when you see it in action: a giant battle robots that walks and shoots missiles!

Incredibly, this machine doesn’t even use Command Blocks to make it move. It was made in 60 hours by Minecraft fan Cubehamster. Called Mega Gargantua, the robot has different weapons like tomahawk missiles and cannons that can be fired by moving around the robot to the triggers. Not only can it fire its weapons, but Mega Gargantua can even walk.

Because the robot doesn’t use Command Blocks, you could actually make it in Survival Mode. We wouldn’t recommend that though unless you have a lot of time and patience. Instead, just download the robot here.

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