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Ghee (clarified Butter)

Posted on the 10 December 2011 by Bgdn_adrian
Ghee (clarified butter)Description: Ghee is clarified butter of Indian origin and it is a very healthy and very efficient ingredient for cooking, with a higher burning point than simple butter. Prices range from 8-10 euro/250g for Ghee. A very high price taking into account that it is obtained through a very simple process, from natural butter. Specifically, from 1 kg natural butter, no additives or preservatives are obtained approximately 800g ghee. From a simple calculation, with an investment of 5 euro (for 1kg butter) you obtained about 30 euro (resulting from 800g ghee). Among the advantages of ghee could be mentioned that the product is easily preserved, some experts claim that a well-made ghee can withstand up to 100 years, but the biggest benefits are the health benefits and here we have:
it improves memory, rejuvenates the skin, antioxidant, used for psychiatric disorders, voice, heart diseases. It is interesting to note that ghee, although it is made from plain butter, it tastes different. For a more effective sale and promotion it is shown in great looking containers.
Ghee production process is very simple and very clear in the movie that follows:

Resources needed: - expenditure on purchase of butter
  - Rigorous documentation regarding the production process
  - Experimentation process until the final product  achieves the best taste and commercial aspect.
  - expenses on containers for bottling it
Advantages: - low investment
  - Very simple process of production
  - The product comes with a number of advantages, unlike traditional butter
  - it is an activity that could be done at home, with minimal costs
Disadvantages: - as a consumer product, small complications can occur with the authorization for the production process.
Conclusions: This product has many advantages, unfortunately the market price is quite high, and so a possible deal on this niche could be a great success, especially as customers could benefit from health improvements at lower prices.

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