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GHD Air Hair Dryer Review

By Ty Watson

GHD produce some of the finest hair straighteners on the planet. They also have a hair dryer that they say will give your hair a beauty salon gloss at home. So does the GHD air live up to blurb? We trawled the internet to find the answer.

GHD Air Hair Dryer Review


  • Ionic technology and a 2,100 Watt Motor
  • It comes with an 85mm that is perfect for general drying and one 65mm nozzle that is ideal for blow outs.
  • 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings and a cool shot.
  • A 9 foot 10 inch cable so you can move around when drying your hair.

Design & Look

You can get the GHD air in any color you want as long as its black. The design looks great. It is heavier than your average blow dryer but feels good in your left or right hand. In my opinion the switches are perfectly placed on the hand grip. They are perfect for switching while you're drying but firm enough that you don't unintentionally bump them. The cool shot is well placed as well.

The nozzles are well built and fit differently from general hair dryers. Insert stuff here. The nozzles allow you to easily focus on exact sectors of your hair and help give your tresses a great finish.

Any Cons?

The GHD hair dryer does not come with a diffuser as standard so if you want one, you have to use the GHD specific diffuser.

The actual blow dryer itself has been known to get very hot and a few people have been burned trying to detach a nozzle immediately after use. It is strongly recommended that you wait a few minutes for the hair dryer to cool down before taking off add-ons.

Using the GHD Air

After only using this blow dryer a couple of times you realise just how powerful the GHD Air hair dryer is. In fact many consumers say that it is the fastest and most effective blow dryer they have used ever. The different settings are easy to figure out and it doesn't take long before you can competently create the style you want.

People with thick wavy hair or who suffer from frizz have said that this dryer was very effective on their hair. People who have had to straighten their hair in the past to keep it frizz free have found that using this hair dryer means that they no longer had to use a flat iron.

However, people with thin, straight hair commented saying it was not so effective on their hair. They said it didn't give them any volume.

What is really great about this hair dryer is that the hot blast of air it produces never becomes too hot. This essentially means that the GHD air dryer is far more gentle on your hair than other blow dryers and far less likely to cause heat damage and split ends.

The Ionic technology actually does what it should do which is make your hair silky and smooth and eliminate frizz and static.


OK so this isn't the cheapest hair dryer on the market but as the saying goes "you get what you pay for". This hair dryer is solid. It is well built, It performs really well, and dries your hair faster than its competitors. If you want a high quality dryer that will give you fantastic results for years.

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