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Getting Your Porch Ready For Spring

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Getting Your Porch Ready For SpringIs anyone extremely anxious for spring to come? Here in the midwest, it seems as if winter tends to stay it's welcome a little too long and being in Atlanta the last four years, we're all extremely excited for some change of season here! 
Getting Your Porch Ready For SpringGetting Your Porch Ready For SpringWhen we built our home back in September of last year, one of the big wish lists I wanted to have was a front porch. To me, the front porch is extremely welcoming and I've always envisioned having a cozy porch for our family and friends to enjoy when they come over. I couldn't wait to start giving it a little spring makeover and wanted to share some ideas with you!Getting Your Porch Ready For Spring
1. Comfortable Seating - To make our porch comfortable for guests, I added these adorable wicker seats and table to the porch for a small spot for everyone to enjoy.  The pops of blue really make them stand out against our beige siding and I love the sturdy wicker of the table. Getting Your Porch Ready For Spring
Getting Your Porch Ready For Spring
2. Cozy Lights- I'm a sucker for mood lighting but wanted something that was fun as well. These Enbrighten Seasons Color Changing Cafe Lights & Mini Landscape Lights were perfect to bring enjoyable ambiance and light to the porch instead of just the harsh lighting of the lamp light we have. They keep the area cozy and classy plus they are also extremely easy to string up and enjoy in a matter of minutes. Thanks to handy work of my husband, we had them ready to go in about 30 minutes! The Landscape Lights are commercial grade, outdoor rated and weatherproof with a burial grade cable. They can also be staked or mounted and everything you need is included in the box!Getting Your Porch Ready For SpringThe Cafe Lights are durable impact Edison style bulbs don't break if they are dropped, stepped on or blown away in the wind ( which we tend to get being near the windy city ). They are also remote controlled so we can dim them, have a countdown timer, preset a theme or change the colors! I love that I also have a paired remote to control both the Cafe Lights and our Landscape Lights with ONE remote!
Getting Your Porch Ready For Spring3. Add Accessories- This is my favorite part about getting our porch ready for spring because it's so fun to mix and match patterns and doesn't break the budget if you already have a few things in your home from past years. I love adding some cute accent pillows and a few outdoor plants to complete the final porch look! When we had our neighbors over the other day for an impromptu dinner date, they loved how welcoming our little spot was!
Getting Your Porch Ready For Spring
I love the overall look of how everything came together with this quick porch spring makeover and it took little to no effort at all to get it ready! A huge thanks to my husband who put the lights up for me #ShortPeopleProblems ha and I can't wait to enjoy sitting out here with friends and family! 
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How are you getting your porch ready for Spring?Getting Your Porch Ready For Spring

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