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Getting to Know True Blood’s Transportation Department

Posted on the 21 May 2011 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

Inside True Blood gives us the scoop on True Blood's Transportation DepartmentInside True Blood blogger Gianna Sobol is giving us a sneak peak into exactly what True Blood’s Transportation Department does for the show, and it sounds like this crew is one of the hardest working on set. Not only do they do all things vehicle-related, but their work doesn’t end when the cameras start rolling. Gianna breaks it down to give us perspective:

  • People in the Transportation Department working on stage shoots: 17 or 18
  • People in the Transportation Department working on location shoots: over 30
  • Picture cars used in season 4: over 35 
  • Picture cars True Blood owns: 9

It’s amazing just how many hands it takes to pull off a show like True Blood! We certainly can’t thank the Transportation Department enough for all the hard work in helping to make True Blood such a great success.

Source: Inside True Blood - Transpo by the Numbers

Photo Credit: Fandomania

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