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Getting to Know the Intriguing Palette with Shoppable Picks

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

The Intriguing palette in the 18 Palette Absolute Colour System is Smoky, Light and Warm in its colour properties.

Does the Intriguing palette suit you? Want to know where to get some items that fit this palette and what to look for? Check out these resources with shoppable links.

Looking for great neutrals for your pants that make a great background to your colours.

Choosing patterns in Intriguing colours based on your colour and value contrast - what to look for.

Looking for the right kinds of colours for the Intriguing palette

Some more options

A few more Intriguing palette patterns

Remember, when shopping, don't buy anything you don't love just because the colour works - you want to have a combination of both colour and style and of course the garment must express your personality and style recipe too!

Not sure of your palette? Get your own personal colour analysis including finding your signature colours, colour and value contrast so that you are empowered to shop for the clothes that make you shine!

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Getting to Know the Intriguing Palette with Shoppable Picks

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