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Getting Purdy with The FURminator Dual Brush

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
A few weeks ago we shared with you our review of Chewy.com and Happy Hips.
Well, there was something else in that box that Bruin was very interested in...
dog looking in chewy.com box It was the FURminator Dual Brush. This came with perfect timing since it is Spring and anyone who owns Goldens and other shedding dogs, knows that with Spring comes shedding fur and lots of it. grooming tools for dogs
The pin brush is perfect for long coated dogs like Bruin. It helps to remove tangles and loose hair and mats.
dog grooming FURminator dual brush for dogs The soft nylon brush is great for all dog types both short and long haired. Bruin loves getting his head brushed with this side, it leaves his coat nice and shiny...
keeping dogs well groomed with Furminator dual brush We love this brush for it's comfortable ergonomic handle and dual flex head design that follows the natural contours of their body. It even comes with a cover to keep the pins and bristles from getting damaged. keeping dogs well groomed with FURminator Dual Brush We will be using this brush daily to keep their coats looking shiny and healthy in between grooming visits and I think it's safe to say Bruin won't mind it one bit! 
The FURminator Dual Brush is a great tool in addition to the de-Shedding Edge which really gets the undercoat when they are "blowing" their coats certain times of the year. Getting Purdy with The FURminator Dual Brush Visit Chewy.com to purchase the FURminator Dual Brush for $9.94 (that's a 48% savings) and get your pet looking its best!
Chewy.com can take care of all your pet's needs! Their website contains over 300 pet brands, great prices, outstanding customer service and speedy shipping service, that can't be beat.
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