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Getting My Shower On…

By Elliefrost @adikt_blog

I’m a big fan of products that have been passed from generation to generation, it works!

The oil is so versatile, I use it on my hair from time to time to hydrate and add shine. Sometimes when I’m lucky enough to have my Moroccan friend come by, ( he’s an organics expert) we make these skincare concoctions that make my skin feel unreal haha.  So I was up for trying out Ushuaia’s organic argan oil shower gel, Ushuaia, is a French beauty brand part of the L’Oreal group.  In a quick sniff and squeeze I was no longer in my parisian apartment, but suddenly thinking of Morocco, the colours, the desert the souks… I honestly can’t stop using their other products- they smell so good, I just can’t help myself.

Sorry for the French in the video, I will speak English very soon promise! Find out more about ushuaia here

Post sponsored by Ushuaia


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