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Getting Married in Central Park in February

By Wedincentralpark @CentralParkWed

Getting Married in Central Park in February

Despite the obvious boost day of Valentine’s Day, February still isn’t a very busy month for weddings in Central Park.  We have done several Valentine’s Day weddings, though – it’s a popular date for couples to tie the knot.  Couples who get married on Valentine’s Day will have their anniversary to celebrate on this day every year, to make the date extra special for them.  And of course there is a school holiday week in February for most countries, so it can be good time for a destination wedding for couples and guests with kids.

It is cold in New York in Winter and February might see the worst of New York’s weather on the whole, although we still do see some lovely crisp clear days.  Couples who are brave enough to get married outdoors in New York stand their best chance of seeing some snow in February.  I’m not a meteorologist, that’s just my opinion!  Come and get married in Central Park at the most romantic time of year and you could be rewarded with stunning views of the park with iced over bodies of water and perhaps even some snow.  New York and Central Park are quite striking in the Winter, with so many stunning bare trees surrounding the skyline.

Keep in mind that the sun sets earlier during the Winter months.  Some couples may want to make the most of that and take photos as the sun goes down, and some couples may want to make the most of the light (and February does see a few crisp, bright days) and get married in the middle of the day.  One couple who got married in the Conservatory Gardens had their cake in Central Park!

The couple must pick up their marriage license in advance of their wedding.  They must have it at least 24 hours in advance of the ceremony.  The City Clerk’s Office is closed on President’s Day, which is the third Monday in February.  So, keep that in mind when making your travel plans.

Getting Married in Central Park in February

Central Park is a busy place, and your best chance of taking wedding photos with fewer tourists and passers-by in them is in the Winter.  That said, you might want to plan some indoor photos.  If you get a cab to Times Square or Grand Central for a few photos, you can warm up on the way.  Often, I make a plan of timings with couples for their day.  I suggest that in colder months it might be a good idea to take some photos outdoors in Central Park, then go indoors to take more photos – then you can show off your wedding attire in comfort without shivering.  Some couples take photos in Central Park and then get wrapped up in a warm blanket for a horse and carriage ride around the park.

Some couples go to the Tavern on the Green or the Boathouse, or another nearby bar for dinner or a warm drink and take some photos in there either before or after the ceremony.  We can suggest ceremony locations that are quite close to some nice bars, such as Cop Cot being just across the road from several hotels with lovely bars on Central Park South.

Think about what to wear if you’re getting married outdoors in New York in February.  If you’re wearing a dress, think about what you might wear under it – I had a bride who got married in the snow who told me that she wore thermals under her gown.  One hardy bride just wore a wrap for her Valentine’s Day wedding last year.  There’s a good chance of the ground being wet in February, so think about that when choosing shoes – many Winter brides have outdoor and indoor shoes for their day, as Lucy did this year.  Of course, everyone will need a coat for an outdoor wedding in New York in February!  Some couples keep their coat on for the ceremony and take it off for photos, some take it off for the ceremony – everyone is different.  This seems like an excuse to get a beautiful new coat and wear it for some photos, and take it off for some photos!

Getting Married in Central Park in February


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